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Adjustable, elevated dog feeder to promote healthy consumption of food and water. Proper alignment while eating is more comfortable for your pet Made of easy to clean steel and complete with dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowls Sturdy, strong and stable Cork tabs on the base protect your floors Available in three sizes: small, medium, large Does your dog play a game of shuffle board across the kitchen floor to catch its food? Or have to hunch over just to get a drink of water? The DogBull feeder creates a much happier, much healthier dining experience for your beloved, four-legged family member.   At Dogbull, we make meal time easy and promote the health and well-being of your dog. Elevated feeders are widely acknowledged by veterinarians and dog experts. The proper elevation will slow down your dogs eating, provide better posture and comfort, and allow easy swallowing. It will also improve consumption and digestion, providing health benefits and enabling a healthier aging process. Cut from steel, with stainless-steel bowls, it is easy to clean (dishwasher-safe bowls), and it is not going to budge, when even the biggest of breeds chow down. Available in three sizes: small, medium, large Cork tabs on the base protect your floors So, whether you are starting your pup's health and nutrition off the right way or introducing your life- long best friend to a healthier way of eating, you will not go wrong with DogBull. -Patent Pending
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